Dance between us

The performance “Dance between us” was prepared to celebrate International Day and Night of Dance in Krakow 27th April – 3rd May 2010.

“Dance between us” is a journey through Europe, Americas, to exotic Orient. It follows paths traced by history, culture and traditions. It tries to reveal the roots which had shaped the diversity and richness of dance traditions, by giving them an aura of uniqueness and specific ambience.

The project involved nearly 100 dancers representing different forms of dance: folk dance, Irish dance, oriental dance, Scottish court dances, flamenco, salsa and tango.

Guest starring:

  1. Celtica Scottish Court Dance
  2. Pade Centre for Dance and Movement
  3. Dance Globe School of Dance and Theatre
  4. Aire Andaluz The Flamenco Group
  5. Krakowiacy Song and Dance Ensemble
  6. Eriu Irish Dance Group
  7. Krakowiak AWF Folk Dance Group
  8. Beata Broniek with a group of tangeros

Choreography & directed by: Agata Kowalczyk
Duration: 50 min
Premiere: 29th April 2010

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