Dance – similarities and contrasts

“Dance – similarities and contrasts” was a performance created by Krakow’s dance schools and dance groups. Prepared to celebrate the International Dance Day, the show united dances which originate from different traditions.

Each dance tells a different story, but they share one idea – the beauty, hidden in the movements of the dancers. The expression as well as performers’ personalities, makes those emotions very clear, moving, expanding the imagination and discovering the sensitivity. Through the centuries dance has been, and still is, an essential part of all cultures’ live, it has an incredible power and expressiveness.

Guest starring:

  1. Words and Dance Theatre Studio – jazz dance
  2. METAphysical Group – modern dance
  3. Ornamento Historical Dance Ensemble – French renaissance court dances
  4. Krakowiacy Song and Dance Ensemble – Polish folk dance
  5. Dance Globe School of Dance and Theatre – oriental dance
  6. Moh Lena Bollywood Dance Group – Bollywood dance
  7. Eriu Irish Dance Group – Irish dance
  8. Sempre Dance School – hip-hop, street dance

Choreography & directed by: Agata Kowalczyk
Duration: 60 min.
Premiere: 29th April 2011

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